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Our Team is entrusted with the delivery of some of WA’s most iconic events. Our clients include:

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With over 36,000 participants, HBF Run for a Reason is the largest community sporting event in WA and the second largest fun-run in Australia. Since its inception in 2010, The Event Team personnel have worked with HBF to develop and grow this event.


Responsible for delivering all operational aspects of the event, our role includes approvals and compliance, the management of stakeholders, the course, traffic, contractors and risk, security, medical services, transport, volunteer and workforce.


This is a big job and one we love!

HBF Run for a reason
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One of the world’s largest open-water swims, around 3000 swimmers tackle the 19.7km challenge presented by the Rottnest Channel Swim each February. The Event Team personnel have been overseeing operational aspects of the event Start and Finish lines for the past 10 years and also provide assistance with event administration and water safety.


It’s a tough gig having to spend all that time at two of WA’s best beaches!

Rottnest Channel Swim
busso jetty swim.png



Another one of WA’s iconic events, the Busselton Jetty Swim is WA’s premier ocean swim.  Since 1996, the 3.6 kilometre event around the Busselton Jetty has grown from a local event to be internationally recognised. 

In 2019, the event will attract 3100 participants across the main swim, the recently introduced One Mile Swim To Shore event and the Busselton Jetty Kids Swim.  The weekend of celebrations will be held over two days on the 10th and 11th February, 2024 and will be filled with the swim events, entertainment, activities and FREE family and friendly fun.

busso jetty swim
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